Ten years of focus to produce power, we focus on this volume and leather goods field, because we are familiar with fabric, pattern, hardware and other materials market trends, understand the production process, only do a good job in resource integration.


Fashion appearance is one of our attractive points. We focus on details and use delicacy to impress, so that many domestic and foreign brand companies can maintain their brand reputation


The company has elite design team, strict quality and production process management system, professional sales consultant service team, products are in line with EN71 and SGS standards, has a good reputation in the industry.





What are the advantages of hard

Now, more and more people like the hardcover loose leaf, so the hardcover loose leaf customization has also been widely concerned. Both individuals and enterprises are beginning to try this kind of new notebook, because it has obvious advan...


Notebook customization has grad

For many enterprises, text document copy products are more common common office equipment. Therefore, many enterprises have inevitable carry forward in the recovery level of copy products of text documents every year. In the time of orderin...


Four common bookbinding methods

Have you ever noticed how notebooks are bound? Is there any kind of binding that you avoid when you buy a notebook? Whether it is customized or sold notebook, binding way is no more than the following four, small ribbon you in-depth underst...


The quality of paper is determi

Do you know what kind of paper is used to make notebook? Different paper has different texture, after production with different cover will reflect different effect. Good paper can design good notebook. There are four kinds of customized not...