What are the types of notebook paper

The Notepad generally uses Daolin paper (the color is beige, does not damage the eyesight, all wood pulp paper, environmental protection and non-toxic), and the ordinary Notepad Notebook mostly uses Daolin paper. Generally, it is 70-80g and 100-120 sheets, which can be increased or decreased according to the requirements of customers; The binding is sewn with glue or stainless steel loose leaf; Of course, we can also make proofs according to the paper selected by customers. The more high-grade paper generally includes 100-120g Daolin paper, double offset paper and special paper.
Off white eye protection paper, pure white wood pulp paper. Both qualities are excellent. There are 80 grams and 100 grams of paper. 80 grams of paper writing is more comfortable, 100 grams of paper looks more high-end, each has its own advantages. Good paper is smooth and smooth, low quality paper has impurities and writing with astringent feeling. USB flash disk, power supply, card plug and other sets in a multi-functional notebook is also popular. Notebook manufacturers come in again, the business volume has greatly improved, it is not only the traditional single use of supplies.