The quality of paper is determined by the texture of paper

Do you know what kind of paper is used to make notebook? Different paper has different texture, after production with different cover will reflect different effect. Good paper can design good notebook. There are four kinds of customized notebook paper commonly used
The first type is sub powder paper
After powder coating treatment, suitable for ancient paintings, Chinese paintings and other elegant and soft works;
Second, double coated paper
After coating treatment, the printing adaptability is outstanding, suitable for high-quality and colorful works such as picture albums and posters;
Third, white card and gray card
The material is hard and the plate is thick. It is suitable for making all kinds of packing boxes and elevators.
Fourth, double gummed paper
Also known as writing paper, uncoated, easy to absorb ink, rough surface texture, suitable for envelopes, letterhead, magazine pages;
In addition, for some special paper, the appearance is treated by various kinds of embossing, and the texture line is noble. This kind of notebook mostly selects color pages and zhuandantong, and the thickness of paper is usually 105g-200g. According to the gram weight, the commonly used gram weights are: 55g, 60g, 70g, 80g, 105g, 128G, 157G, 200g, 250g, 300g.
Usually when we read books, magazines or some other paper products, we may not pay attention to the material of the paper. In fact, we are very particular about it.