Notebook customization has gradually become an international

For many enterprises, text document copy products are more common common office equipment. Therefore, many enterprises have inevitable carry forward in the recovery level of copy products of text documents every year. In the time of ordering goods, the production quality and picture quality of the copying manufacturers will be paid more attention to.
This foreign to New Year Festival, enterprise exhibition and marketing fair theme activities customized text documents sent to customers to send employees in Binhai County big city has gradually become an international business promotion development strategy, in the exquisite text document cover map copy enterprise logo, in the writing of the content inadvertently inserted into a number of related company profile publicity color pages, This is all indispensable marketing promotion skills. So, for many copy manufacturers, how can we make the text document production more detailed?
1. the cover image is very important, which is the first experience for customers. It is necessary to have a good effect on the enterprise image and make customers have a good brand image for the enterprise.
2. to highlight the corporate logo effect, now it is popular to adopt advanced Spanish Pu color falling leather. After hot printing, the tone of logo pressed on leather is increased, and the level and touch are very good, and the atmosphere is pure and natural.
3. one of the most important problems in the production of customized copy products for notebook is to select the printed paper with good quality, which is a very important factor to harm the quality of the copy companies.
4. the production and manufacture of notebook copy products also have the choice of heavy and high copy printing ink. From the current sales market of photocopying printing ink, it is generally possible to divide the printing ink into two types, one is Chinese Photocopying printing ink and the other is imported copy printing ink. The quality of imported printing ink is better than that of domestic printing ink.