Four common bookbinding methods of notebook

Have you ever noticed how notebooks are bound? Is there any kind of binding that you avoid when you buy a notebook? Whether it is customized or sold notebook, binding way is no more than the following four, small ribbon you in-depth understanding.
Mode I. binder
The binder of loose pages is different from other binding methods. The pages in books are not bound together permanently, but can be replaced or added or subtracted at any time. It is suitable for the manual that often needs to revise and update the content or to add or delete pages, including the three circles of binding that are often contacted. Binder is a simple binding method, only the inner page binding edge, according to the number of circles of the direction of the hole, and then the inner page can be covered. In addition, double coil is one of the most common binding methods. Double line circle is also known as "wire o". At the end of the year, the calendar plate, triangle calendar and books of the platform are mostly bound by double-line circles, which is very exquisite; The main hole is square hole, and also round hole is used.
Mode 2. Coil binding
Coil binding is to open a row of holes at the edge of the binding of the sheet, through which the coil can be bound to achieve the binding effect. Coil binding is generally considered as fixed binding, but there are some plastic coils that can be removed without harming the inner pages and can be bound from scratch when required.
Method 3. Riding nails binding
The riding nails are mainly bound together through metal wires. In the binding process, the book post is covered up on the conveyor belt in reverse, and the folding direction of the book post is upward, especially the riding pin, so it is called riding pin. Binding orientation is usually in the folding position of book posts, and the number of nails is determined by visual requirements, usually two to three.
Mode 4. Thread binding
Thread binding is to sew each book into a book with needle thread. The needles used are divided into straight needle and curium needle. The thread is a kind of mixed yarn, which is mixed with nylon and cotton thread, which is not easy to break and firm. Manual thread is only used for large books and small amount of account books. So many binding factories use thread threading machine, and each post is tightly linked with each other, called lock thread; Semi active threading machine has high power and a few books can be perfunctory. For hardcover picture book printing, high quality and used, we will choose lock thread binding.
The main notebook binding way is the above four, if you have your own creativity, you can DIY, after all, the way is limited, the creativity is unlimited.